John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

College yesterday went ok (randomised algorithms module). It's really more Maths than Computer Science so far - lots of stats, with a bit of calculus thrown in. But it's all recapping what I did at A Level so far, so no real problems there.

In the evening, continued tidying my room. This involved chucking out obsolete stuff (particularly old Christmas/birthday cards), and finishing the first phase of my tape->mp3 conversion (all the double tapes etc. that are odd sizes), so that got rid of one box into the cupboard. I was then able to consolidate some of the other boxes, i.e. merge two half-empty boxes into one full one. This did feel a bit like I was packing rather than unpacking, but it means more space in here, so that's good.

Went into college this morning, for the NLP course. That went ok, although it's stretching my Prolog knowledge a bit (given that I've only just started learning it). I was then speaking to one of the other students, who is also doing the "advanced research topics" module, and she asked me whether I'd finished my paper yet. What paper? Turns out that the esteemed Prof Maibaum has changed the rules of the course, but didn't bother to tell me. Basically, the handbook says that I should turn up to 5 seminars in the first semester (which I did), and that the co-ordinator will then organise general seminars and issue reading lists at the start of the second semester. No mention of a paper there. Some modules have their own web pages, but this one isn't in the list. There's nothing about this module on the Professor's home page, and he never emailed me with any updates. So, I emailed him earlier today, to find out what's going on (since the other student told me that the paper is due in on Friday!). He replied to say "Most students approached me long ago about this course", and that the paper is indeed due on Friday, and that I should come and see him. So, I've emailed him back to try to arrange a time (I waited around college for an hour after I sent the email, but he didn't reply until I was on my way home). So, what we have here is a failure to communicate. I'm not expecting to be spoonfed everything, but I think the coordinator needs to take some responsibility here, considering that it would only take him 2 minutes to send out an email. I was intending to get in touch with him soon, but I remember last term that the DSI lecturer didn't like being prodded about the coursework he hadn't marked (since he had a good reason for being late). Oh well, see what happens, I guess. If he insists that I need to contact him to find out about any theoretical changes, I'm sure I can write a spam-bot that will send him emails every 5 minutes...

Anyway, now to get back to my Prolog assignment (due in at 5pm today).
Tags: decluttering, postgrad

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