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Ok, after my latest round of tidying, here's the latest list of stuff I'm trying to dispose of. First up, free stuff:

* 35mm camera. It's a Premier PC-845, for whatever that's worth - Google doesn't find anything, so I guess that model's been discontinued (I bought it back in 1994). Basically, a cheapo camera (cost me 30 quid), but does the job fine. I just never use it anymore, since I have a digital camera now.

* Electronic organiser. Kind of a cross between a calculator and a PDA.Got it free when I signed up to Which? online, but never used it (since I've got a calculator and a Palm already). I'm sure I have a second one round here somewhere (from trial subscription to paper version of Which?), but I haven't unearthed that yet.

* A pair of computer speakers (3W each). These take a 10V input - the power cable I have runs between them and a soundcard, which worked fine on the PC I bought them with, but you'd probably need your own power adaptor to use them if your soundcard doesn't have a "power out" socket.

* Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, v3. Fully licenced, with manual/CD. I used to run it under Windows 95 - don't know which other platforms it supports.

* Norton Anti-Virus for Windows 95. Again, fully licenced, with manual/floppies. I suspect that this will only run under Windows 95, but I don't know for certain.

Next, stuff for sale. I now have all of "Friends" on DVD, so I have some videos that I no longer need. Perfect condition, and if nobody here wants them then I'll stick them on Ebay next weekend. It's all of season 4 (6 tapes), and episodes 1-16 of season 5 (4 tapes). 4 episodes to a tape, and the second half of season 4 is in a boxset. My asking price: 5 quid a tape, or 25 quid for all of season 4, or 35 quid for the whole lot. Or make me an offer :)
Tags: decluttering

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