John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

The battery on my motorbike died again last night (setting off the alarm), so I called out the AA again to jump-start it, then rode around for a while. Got back home, turned engine off, couldn't restart it. Called AA out again, feeling like I was abusing the system somewhat... The general concensus after this was that my battery is no longer working properly, so I went off to buy a new one. 60 quid later, I found one. My battery lasted long enough to get me to the supplies shop, but I had to push the bike to the workshop to get someone to install it - suddenly the skill in the test about doing a U turn by hand makes a lot more sense. Anyway, turns out to be not quite as simple as the AA guy had suggested. Rather than just unscrewing the old one, and screwing in the new one, you basically get a DIY kit for your 60 quid. You then pour the test tubes full of acid into the battery, and connect it to a slow charger for 4 hours. Unsurprisingly, I don't have one of these :) So, I left that with the guy in the workshop, and I'll go back in the morning to retrieve the bike (hopefully in fully working order).

On a lighter note, last week was SWAG RAG at Kings. Mind you, I only know this from seeing a couple of posters/emails, mainly concerning discos etc. Then this Thursday is GKT RAG - seems to be a dispute over jurisdiction... Thinking back to my undergrad days in Durham, I was always very aware of DUCK week. I guess the main difference is that I'm living out now, so I'm only in Kings for lectures - I don't really get involved in the social side of things there (although I sometimes have lunch in the student union).
Tags: motorbike, postgrad

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