John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Since my last entry, had an uneventful few days at college, doing reading/homework etc.

On Thursday, went into college for dance class, which was slightly delayed due to a fire alarm - unusually, there actually seemed to be a real fire this time. Anyway, once it got started, it went well - I'm certainly getting much more confident with the steps (waltz this week). Then onto Magic in the library, and back home.

Kudos to sulkyblue for passing her driving test yesterday :)

So far today, I've been vaguely productive, by putting my "Friends" videos up for sale on Ebay.

On a related note (of getting rid of stuff), I've unearthed my old pager. I never use it anymore (now that I have a mobile phone), so that's up for grabs free of charge to anyone who wants it. There are no monthly fees or anything, so it just costs about 3 quid a year to keep it supplied with batteries.
Tags: dancing, decluttering

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