John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Hmm, I had such good intentions for last night - go to pub, have a quick drink (maybe a Coke), then go home and do some studying. Wound up having two bottles of cider at pub, then went on to Tandoori Garden (which surprised me, since I normally avoid curry, but there was some mild stuff there), and two of us got through two bottles of white wine between us. So, not quite sure how much I drank overall, but I'm sure I was rambling impressively by the time I got home :) And the journey home would have been quicker if I'd gone in the right direction when I left the restaurant, which is about 200m from my house...

Interesting poster I saw at Imperial last night for Rag week - apparently they have a Hit Squad who deliver custard pies (much like DUCK did in Durham). Hmm, tempting... *grin*
Tags: alcohol, pub

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