John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, today's been a pretty good day overall:

* My Ebay auctions have ended, and I've had bids on all 10 items, so that's good.

* Updated my website with extra photos (new one of cat, and a page of diving photos from my Red Sea trip a while back), and film reviews.

* Did my weekly comics run, and found that there's a new issue of "Astro City" out, which was a nice surprise. Mind you, I did notice that one of the streets near Oxford Street had been closed to traffic, due to the "stop the war" protest. It was deserted by the time I arrived, but it was also a complete mess - discarded banners/flyers all over the road/pavement. This makes me rather cynical about the noble intentions of the protestors... I really need to start carrying my camera around, for situations like this. Another picture I want to get (for my "visions of London" category) is a bicycle chained to a lamppost, where only the frame is left (no wheels/handlebars/saddle).

* Went off to see "Daredevil" at the cinema. In brief (and spoiler free), I liked it. I would say that this film is to "Spider-Man" as "Angel" is to "Buffy" - a bit darker, and more mature. They've made various changes from the comics - most of them I agreed with, it's just one or two that I didn't. And I really liked the way they handled his hyper-senses. Key tip: there's an extra scene in the middle of the end credits, so don't leave the cinema as soon as the cast list appears. For a longer review (with spoilers), see my website. They had a trailer for "X-Men 2" there, which looks good. "Bulletproof Monk" also looks fun, and "The Ring" could be good. "The Recruit" suffered from a trailer that gives away the entire plot of the film (unless it's a cunning piece of misdirection), so I can't be bothered to watch it now. And that jeans advert with the cat/mice is really starting to annoy me ("hey kids, become kidnappers, it's really cool!").

I was planning to go swimming today (at the Imperial College Sports Centre), but didn't quite make it - I need to have passport photos to sign up, so I'll go back tomorrow.

Incidentally, just to throw in my views on the war situation, I'm basically in favour of military action. This isn't a strongly held view, i.e. I wouldn't be protesting in favour of a war if Tony Blair was in favour of peace. It's more that I know I am not personally in full possession of the facts, so I'm inclined to trust his judgement. This isn't a popular move, which I'm sure he's well aware of, so I think he genuinely believes it's the right thing to do (if only because he doesn't want to be remembered as the next Chamberlain). I also think there is a question of accountability here - right or wrong, the Prime Minister will be judged for his actions. By contrast, if I see an email from "rockdog21" saying "stop the war", I won't take it seriously, if the person who wrote it isn't even prepared to sign their name. Similarly, people who are in favour of action are saying "We need to attack because Saddam Hussein has a stockpile of weapons", whereas lots of people who disagree are saying "Blair is Bush's poodle". So, while I'm sure that some people have well reasoned objections to a war (e.g. being pacifists), most of the protestors are only alienating me from their cause.
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