John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Hmm, well, the London Ball (dance club event) wasn't a huge success, which is a shame. To clarify that, I think it was reasonably successful for the club, just not for me personally. I went along there at the start (19:45), but left at 21:00 when I got bored. Basically, none of the girls I know from my bronze class were there - the only people I recognised were the more advanced dancers who sometimes help out with our class. I think my key mistake was to go along on my own, since everyone else who arrived seemed to be in a couple/group. I didn't want to ask a complete stranger to dance with me, and I figured that since the people I did know were off-duty, it wouldn't be fair to guilt-trip them into having a "pity dance" with me - they deserve to dance with their friends, at a higher level. Ah well, it's the nature of experiments that some work and some don't. Live and learn...
Tags: dancing
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