John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

No swimming lesson yesterday (Saturday), as there's a swimathon at the sports centre this weekend. But I went off to the Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall in the afternoon, which was ok. Some pieces were fun, e.g. the William Tell Overture (one bit of which is the Lone Ranger theme). Other pieces were quite tedious, specifically the operatic ones. I can recognise the skill involved in performing them, but they didn't really interest me much. I also didn't really get into the whole flag-waving aspect of some pieces (e.g. "Rule Brittania") - I have nothing against them, and I'm glad other people enjoyed them, but they didn't inspire me personally. The 1812 Overture was good at the end (with fireworks/lasers/cannons), as expected. The pleasant surprise was "Nimrod" (from Elgar's "Enigma variations"), which I lked, and hadn't heard before. So, all in all a mixed bag. It's a shame that neither of my weekend excursions went as well as I'd hoped, but such is life.

Looking ahead, I'm off to see "Dance of Death" at the theatre on Wednesday (starring Ian McKellen). And the Royal Albert Hall are having a "Space Spectacular" in June, along similar lines to yesterday's concert. That may go better - I think the problem with the classical concert was that they advertised it as "1812 and many more", so it was a bit of a pig in a poke. In the advert for the space concert, they mention 11 pieces by name (various film themes by John Williams, and some of Holtz' "The Planets" pieces), so it should be a safer bet.

Aside from this, I've been hanging around the house. I did some piano practice earlier with the new soundcard; I'm using "Cubasis VST" (which came as bundled free software with the card) - it's complete overkill, but it works. I've also been looking at a few computer games. The soundcard also came with "Hitman 2" and "Soldier of Fortune 2", so I tried them out briefly. "Hitman 2" had problems where the speech kept repeating - the readme file mentioned that, so I'll investigate it later to see if I can get it sorted out. "SoF 2" is all about stealth, and it seems to be impossible to actually do it with my speakers, i.e. you need 5.1 surround sound to hear where the guards are treading. So, went back to Civ3 for a while, since that works.
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