John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, today has been a pretty good day.

I went off for my swimming lesson this morning, which went better than the last couple, since we were doing back crawl, which is my best stroke. There are 7 of us in the class, and the instructor divided us up into smaller groups while we were swimming lengths, based on ability. For instance, at one point we were using floats, in order to focus on the correct leg movements. So, initially there were four people using one float (each), and three of us using two floats. After a couple of laps, the instructor told me to go first out of the "two float" group, since I was the fastest. Then he moved me over to the "one float" group, which was encouraging. At the end of the class, we did some "submerging", i.e. retrieving a hoop from the bottom of the pool, which was fun. I mean, I like swimming in general, and it's a useful skill/good way to keep fit, but that was just fun, pure and simple.

After that, I went to the science museum, since I haven't been there for a while. I wandered around their gallery, which is basically an overview of the museum as a whole. This took me an hour or so, since I was reading all the text at the displays, rather than just glancing at the pictures as I went past (unlike the people who overtook me). It was informative, although I think my attention was wandering a bit by the end of it. After that, I went to the IMAX (inside the science museum) to see "Space Station 3D", which was very good indeed. Incidentally, 3D specs have come on a long way since the old red/green things - they now look more like sunglasses, with polarised lenses. The subject matter was interesting, although the Columbia explosion obviously gives it a more sombre overtone that wasn't there when it was filmed. And visually it was very impressive - not so much the 3D (I think "less is more" with that), but just the equipment, space shuttles, freefall, etc. I was fascinated by the "everyday" stuff they were doing there, to see how it works - it's the type of thing that would be prohibitively expensive to do in a TV show, which is a shame. E.g. seeing a guy shaving, and just leaving his razor hanging next to him in the air while he uses a towel. Actually, it was interesting to see how much I recognised from the Bujold novels. E.g. the astronauts had sleeping bags that were tied into alcoves, to stop them floating around in their sleep. And when they drank water, they'd squeeze out little spheres and grab them in their mouths. I certainly think it benefited from the IMAX treatment, just to give a better idea of the size of the modules etc.
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