John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

The weekend went ok - had my final swimming lesson on Saturday morning. I'll almost certainly sign up for this course again in June, which I think most of the others are doing too. I then spent most of the rest of Saturday reading new comics (a few new paperbacks - Alias, Transformers, Avengers). Then yesterday, I was busy letter writing; sadly, not all my friends have internet access :)

Bit of a disappointment today - I had an email from Sussex, turning me down for a PhD. They said that my background isn't entirely suitable, as they are looking for people with significant training in the area of Natural Language Processing. My application to Imperial is still pending - last time I applied for an MSc there, I heard back at the end of May. My current plan is that if I hear about any places being advertised then I'll apply for them, but failing that I'll wait to reapply next year (unless of course Imperial offer me a place).
Tags: comics, postgrad, swimming

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