John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

The weekend went alright - I've done some reading for my Cryptography exam, and also sorted out a few pending tasks around here (tidying up, writing letters, etc.).

Yesterday was the Circle Line pub crawl, which went well. Billy and Steve have both put photos on their websites. We started out with breakfast at Deep Pan Pizza - they do an "all you can eat" buffet for 4.75, which is (surprisingly) fried food rather than pizza. So, after 4 fried eggs, plus mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, and toast, I was fuelled up to face the day. I had a whiskey in every pub except the last one, where I had vodka and tomato juice instead. Total list (with opinions on what I liked):

Bells (x3) - bad
Glenmorangie - good
Glenfiddich (x2) - good
Famous Grouse (x3) - bad
Macallan - bad
Jamesons (x4) - ok
Bushmills - ok
Canadean Club - bad
Jack Daniels (x4) - ok
Laphroiag - good
Taliska - ok
Lagevulin - ok
Wild Turkey - ok
Black and Bush (x2) - ok

You may wonder why I had some brands repeatedly (e.g. Bells), if I didn't like them the first time - it was mostly a case of some pubs having a limited selection.

I drank about 3.5 pints of water last night when I got home, so I didn't have a hangover/headache this morning. Mind you, my stomach was feeling rather fragile, which is understandable, so I mostly stuck to water until lunchtime.
Tags: postgrad, pub

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