John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Yesterday went pretty well. I spent a while looking up dance steps on the web, to practice for the lesson in the evening, since I was borderline for the exam. Unfortunately, the teacher has now decided that I'm on the wrong side of the border, so I won't be taking the exam. It's a shame, but I can understand her point of view, and she's probably right. She did say that she'd like me to keep coming to the classes, and she told me privately at the end of the class, rather than saying it in front of everyone else, which was tactful of her. Hopefully I'll be able to continue with the classes next year, but it does depend on what I wind up doing job-wise.

Then on to the ICSF barnight and dinner afterwards, which was a pleasant way to spend the evening. Billy kindly picked up my comics from the shop for me, which saved me a trip. And apparently the staff there have put an extra comic aside for me, in case I want it - it's an issue of Batman, which I don't normally read, but this issue is written by Bill Willingham, and they've noticed that I read a lot of his other stuff. Now that is what I call good customer service.

Meanwhile, there was an advert on TV the other day for a Power Ballads CD. The advert shows a man miming along to various songs, using a tennis racket as a guitar, etc. He is then joined by his wife, while upstairs the son and daughter look completely disgusted, put down their books, and come downstairs to complain about the racket. The premise of the advert was "This is a great gift for Father's Day - children will hate the music, but parents will love it". The slightly worrying aspect is that I watched this advert, and thought "Hey, there's some pretty good songs on there!" - this may be a sign that I'm getting old...

I watched the final episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" earlier today. Without giving away any spoilers, all I'll say is that it was a great episode. I'm glad I avoided seeing spoilers for it, because it surprised me. There were a couple of plot holes, but I'm willing to overlook them, because it was just so spectacular. So, it's a shame that the series had to end, but it's gone out on a high note.
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