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PADing along

As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of Peter David's work. Even as I type this, I know that elyon will be doing his mock genuflection as he reads it :)

Anyway, I've just been glancing at his website:

A couple of things of note there - firstly, I was quite amused by the Hulk entry at the start. Secondly, when I first looked at the site a month ago, there was an entry that contained Buffy spoilers (an episode that had been shown in the USA, but not over here yet). Normally I'd get a bit irritable about that kind of thing, but in this case that was tempered by the great respect that I have for the man, so I posted a brief message to the relevant mailing list:

"Just a quick heads-up to people who haven't seen the latest episodes of
Buffy yet (e.g. people in the UK) - today's article at
includes a fairly major spoiler in the first paragraph. Best avoid the site
for a while if you're sensitive to such things..."

Looking down the list at the older entries, there's one from the 23rd May that also has Buffy stuff, but this contains a spoiler warning at the start. Since I was the only person on the list who commented on it, I figure it's reasonable to assume that this is a response to my feedback, which is pretty cool. It's not the first time this has happened - I've swapped emails with him a couple of times before. Still, it's always a buzz when I think "I read what he writes, and now he reads what I write!" Well, it made me happy anyway...
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