John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, it's been a fairly quiet week here - I've spent most of the time reading. In particular, I've been re-reading the first four Harry Potter books, and I'll be picking up the new one tonight (just after midnight).

I had an interview with the BCS yesterday morning, regarding my application for professional membership. I think it went quite well, although there were a couple of things that occurred to me after I left, which I probably should have said. We discussed my career to date, the training I've done, and my plans for the future. The next stage is that the three guys on the panel will submit their recommendations, and I'll hear the final decision in 4-6 weeks. One interesting they mentioned is that I seemed very defensive about my 2:2 - they wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't drawn attention to it. So, it is possible that I'm doing a Dobby act by beating myself up about it unnecessarily. Anyway, I'll see how the MSc works out - I've always maintained that I could have done better in my undergrad degree, if I hadn't needed to do part-time jobs, so this is my opportunity to prove it. In other words, if I do screw it up, I have only myself to blame.

Then dance class yesterday evening. Now that I'm not taking the exam, I can take a more relaxed attitude towards it, so it doesn't matter if I can't remember all the steps. I can understand why the teacher isn't reminding us of the sequence, since she wants the people who are taking the exam to be able to dance without prompting. It makes the learning process a bit inefficient for me, but if I can carry on with lessons next year (which I hope to do) then I should find it all easier.

Looking ahead, I think I'll go to watch "Bruce Almighty" at the cinema this weekend.
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