John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, it's been a fairly busy week since my last entry.

I met up with some Durham friends for drinks/dinner on Wednesday, and it was good to see them again.

On Thursday, a group of us went off to Namco, to play on one of the "dancing stage" games there. I enjoyed it, although I didn't do very well. It's somewhat disconcerting when the game makes boo-ing noises... Ah well, practice makes perfect, so hopefully next time will go better. Last time I played that game (a few years ago), it was by the entrance to the arcade, and there was always a big queue for it. This time, there was no queue at all (aside from our group), although we attracted a few spectators, so I'll probably head back there soon.

On Friday, I handed in my first progress report. There wasn't a huge amount to say, but I covered the background reading I've been doing, and outlined the algorithm I'm intending to implement. And the software I need has now arrived, so I'll contact the relevant person in the department tomorrow to see about getting access to it.

On Saturday, I had a swimming lesson in the morning. This is the same course ("Improvers") that I did before, but I'm now starting at a higher level, so I did better this time. Then round to a barbeque in the afternoon, which I enjoyed.

I've spent most of yesterday/today updating my website - it is now fully rated with ICRA. See the flaming barbeque! (Higher quality picture on Steve's site.)

I also watched "Charlie's Angels" yesterday, then went off to the cinema today to watch the sequel. They're both fun films - not exactly cerebral, but entertaining. Admittedly, the term "jiggle movie" does have some accuracy :) Quote from the director on explosions: "More is more!"

Tomorrow, I'm off climbing again, so I'm looking forward to that.
Tags: dancing, films, games, postgrad, swimming

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