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Nike Run London

Further to my previous entry, here's a brief summary of the facts about the Nike 10km run, for anyone who can't view the Flash on the official website.

Basic idea:

1. Choose a coach, and give them your details. The three choices are:

* Carter ("choose me and feel the fusion of your soul and your soles")

Likes: Running with foxes, eating mung beans, listening to Hawkwind
Dislikes: Nothing
Exercise philosophy: Aims to nurture the runner inside everyone and help them thrive
Training methods: Running barefoot on Clapham Common and a touch of yogic breathing
Ideal for: Tree huggers, astral travellers, and anyone who runs for joy not glory

* Paula ("the only downside of training with me is that you'll end up nodding your head as you cross the finish line")

Likes: Two runs a day, milk chocolate, pop-socks
Dislikes: The colour silver, traffic lights, clothing that doesn't have at least 2% lycra...
Exercise philosophy: Eat a bar of fruit and nut just so you can go out and burn it off
Training methods: Run, chocolate, run, chocolate, run, ice cream
Ideal for: People who think pavements should have a fast lane

* O'Keefe ("if I said I didn't enjoy hurting people I'd be lying...")

Likes: Pain - yours, not his. The sound of breaking glass, steak tartare
Dislikes: Traffic wardens who let people off, charity workers
Exercise philosophy: Anything outlawed by the Geneva Convention
Training methods: Three words. A baseball bat. (It's more effective than clever talk.)
Ideal for: Anyone who wants to be turned from blubber into A-grade titanium

2. Register. You can't do this until 21st July (and until you've picked a coach). It costs 15 quid, which gets you a race pack. This contains a race T-shirt, a map of the Nike 10k route, and important information about race day. You can get a friend to collect the pack for you, if you give them your collection voucher. You can collect the pack from NikeTown, Oxford Circus, London from Monday 18th August until Saturday 6th September. You have to collect your race pack by 6th September, as you are required to wear the official race T-shirt on Race Day. NikeTown is open Mon-Wed 10am-7pm, Thur-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12noon-6pm.

There's a limit of 20,000 people. However, they are reserving 2,000 places for people who miss the initial registration, and attend 5 of the training sessions. Unfortunately, you can't register by phone - it has to be online. If you're really stuck with the Flash website, let me know, and we can probably sort something out. Similarly, you can't pay by cheque or postal order - it has to be credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or debit card (Switch/Solo). Again, let me know if that's a problem.

3. Attend training sessions between 21st July and 31st August. These will be "at venues around London". A full list of venues and times will be available on Monday 14th July, when you can book a place then. Training sessions are free, and you can still do them if you're not doing the main run.

6-week schedules (pdf files, so you'll need Acrobat installed to read them):

* Beginners
* Intermediate
* Advanced

Top tips:

* You may notice rapid improvements but do not be tempted to skip ahead to longer runs as this may lead to injury.
* Drink plenty of water before exercising.
* Consult your doctor or physician before starting any new fitness regime
* Warm up and stretch before, and cool down and stretch after each training session

4. Do the 10km run itself, on Richmond Park on 7th September. It starts at 12 noon, so you should aim to get to Richmond Park by 10am. Certainly no later than 11am. They advise that you get there as early as possible, as they expect large numbers on the day. Spectators will be able to watch the race on large screens in the park. There will be water stations along the course for runners. There won't be any dedicated changing facilities there, and only limited baggage facilities. So, change at home, and try not to take many valuables with you. The best way to get to the park is via Barnes or Richmond station, where they'll have made provisions to accommodate race participants. The race will start inside Roehampton Gate, heading in a clockwise direction around the park.
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