John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Fairly quiet weekend - I went through the Web Accessibility Guidelines, and overhauled my website. Soon I'll actually add some new content, rather than just meta-data :) Although I am planning to do semantic web markup at some point (relevant to PhD plans)...

I've just got some more detailed exam results from Kings. I've passed all 8 exams on my first attempt, and got a >70% average, so that puts me on course for the Distinction. It's now just dependent on how well my project goes.

Algorithm Design and Analysis: 67%
Algorithmic Graph Theory: 82%
Cryptography and Information Security: 73%
Data Structures and their Implementation: 100%
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms: 72%
Randomised Algorithms: 62%
Text Searching and Processing: 70%
Advanced Research Topics: 60%

Average: 73.25%

So, some were better than expected, and some were worse. I was only expecting to scrape a pass on Randomised Algorithms (about 50%), so 62% was better than expected. On the other hand, I thought I'd got about 97% on Graph Theory, so that's a bit lower (but still a decent mark). Anyway, I got one perfect score, and I'm happy with the overall result.
Tags: exams, postgrad

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