John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

I've been running in Hyde Park a couple more times since my last entry. Apparently I'm massively pro-natal: this has nothing to do with childbirth, it just means that I have my weight towards the inside edges of my feet, rather than evenly balanced. So, since my 10 year old trainers have now seen better days, I think it's time for some new ones. I tried out another pair today, and I'll try another type next week. And I think I made decent progress today - we all walked for the first 100m or so (as a warm-up), then I ran the rest of the 5km. I wasn't going flat-out, but it was a pace that I could sustain, so now I can look at running the whole way at a faster speed. I also need to increase the distance from 5km to 8km, and then to 10km for the big run in September.

I also went climbing again on Tuesday, which went ok. I was a bit tired after the run, so I didn't try out any new routes, but it was useful to stay in practice on the familiar routes. Then on to juggling club in the evening. I didn't actually do any juggling there, although I've been practicing at home, and I can now more-or-less do two balls. I played a few games of pool there, which was fun - I haven't played since I went to Egypt (3 years ago), so it was good to do it again. I also played some more table football - I think the next step there is to try handling all four poles on my own (rather than playing in a team).

Randomly, I got stopped by the police on my way home today for being effeminate... At West Kensington tube, I was just approaching the barriers when I saw a policeman with a dog. I'm still not entirely comfortable around dogs, and this one had a yellow harness, so I thought "guide dog = do not distract". I figured I'd take a wide berth around them, but they kept turning towards me, so I wound up edging along the wall. The policeman then told me to stop, so I did. The dog was near my bag, so I wasn't sure if I'd be asked to open it for inspection - there's nothing dodgy in there, but it probably smells of cat (along with most of the other stuff in my room!). The policeman then said "Don't do that - you look effeminate when you skirt along like that". I said ok, and explained that I thought he was blind. Another policeman then said "No, we're all chaps here". Random... However, while this was slightly off-putting, I'll take it as a constructive criticism - I'm not about to start sueing the police for emotional distress or anything like that. Unlike this guy.

Now I just need to focus on my project - I am getting a bit worried about how fast time is slipping by, without me really achieving anything. Although not tonight, because I'm off to Namco. Hmm.
Tags: climbing, dogs, games, police, postgrad, running

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