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Job opportunity

As a follow-up to my last entry, a thought occurs to me. When I've finished the report, it has to be printed, bound, etc. The guidelines also "strongly recommend" that TeX or LaTeX is used for this. I'm currently writing it in Word, since I don't know how to use the other systems - my basic plan is that once I've finished it, I'll get my supervisor to check it over, then learn the relevant package while he's reading it, and convert it over, print it up, etc. before the submission deadline.

However, thinking of "things I've learned from my commercial experience", this seems like a good time to delegate. Obviously the project itself has to be all my own work. However, as far as I know, there's no rule that says I can't get someone else to help out with the typing (e.g. if I wrote the thing by hand, then gave it to someone else to type it up). And I'm guessing that there are other people around who already know how to use LaTeX. So, job offer time. I will pay someone £100 to convert a Word document into the equivalent LaTeX format. All the relevant info is in section 4 of this page - basically, the report will be up to 40 pages long, + an appendix containing source code. Chances are that this will be a last minute rush, e.g. I'd finish the Word version on Thursday evening, and need to laser-print it on Friday morning. There will be some symbols, boxes in there, as well as plain text.

So, any takers? Feel free to haggle, particularly if you want to take care of the printing/binding for a higher price.
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