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Non-MSc update - John C. Kirk — LiveJournal

Oct. 19th, 2003

01:03 am - Non-MSc update

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Date:October 20th, 2003 01:43 pm (UTC)

Which is your favourite solution to the KM problem?

I always liked Chekov's, which was to not go into the Zone at all.
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Date:October 20th, 2003 02:40 pm (UTC)

Re: Which is your favourite solution to the KM problem?

Actually, it was Sulu who didn't go in (he was having a bad day...). I don't recall the precise details of Chekov's solution, but it involved killing everyone he knew. The comment that stuck in my mind was "Radio waves won't be able to pass through that sector of space for 100 years, so putting your crew into escape pods won't do much good!" And to complete the set, Scotty sort of cheated, by doing something that was possible in theory but not in practice (thus proving his engineering aptitude).

At the moment, I'd favour Calhoun's solution, although that may just be because I read it most recently. Hiding it behind spoiler tags (highlight to read it): He blew up the KM, killing the 380 people on board, but this allowed him to escape, and get his ship and crew to safety. His rationale was that he couldn't save them, and Romulans don't take prisoners, so a clean death was better than being tortured, and this way the empty KM couldn't be used to lure in any other starships.
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