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So far, today is shaping up into one of those days where it's just darn good to be alive.

Looking back on my recent journal entries, they have been a bit glum. Basically, I've either been at work during the day, or sorting out project stuff in the evening. But last night I took a break from all that, and went off to see a talk by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean (interviewed by Jonathan Ross), which I really enjoyed - it was both interesting and entertaining.

I also got to spend some time with friends again (a bunch of us went off to the pub and for sushi afterwards), which was good. I was a bit concerned that pigging out on the "all you can eat" buffet would mess up my diet, but my weight has gone down again today, which is a relief. I guess this means that seaweed is less fattening than chips - who'd have thought it?

And this morning I actually got to sleep until I woke up (no interruptions from alarm clock or cat), so I don't feel tired at the moment, which is great.

Looking ahead, I've had various software delivered over the last couple of days, so I'll spend part of the weekend installing upgrades. I also got my "Lion King" DVD through the post yesterday (an encouraging sign that the Post Office are catching up with their backlog), so I'll watch that at some point too.
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