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You're only as old as you feel - John C. Kirk — LiveJournal

Jun. 10th, 2002

11:03 pm - You're only as old as you feel

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Been a good couple of days since my last entry. I've been training up my replacement at work today, and he's absorbing it all pretty quickly, so with luck I can get him to take over the reports so that I can work on more interesting stuff :)

Then got home, and just been watching "Wormhole X-Treme!" (the 100th episode of Stargate SG-1) with the others - very funny episode. I'm now about to finish off my Astrophysics revision for tomorrow morning's exam, but I'm pretty confident about that. It's only 45 mins, so shouldn't be too bad. Then I have to do the revision for Thursday's two papers, but I'll worry about that tomorrow :)

I've swapped emails with the admin transcript person at Durham, and she's going to chase up the department for me, so hopefully I'll get that through soon. In the meantime, I've also been in touch with the BCS, with regard to professional qualifications. I've been meaning to apply to upgrade my membership for ages - I tried about five years ago, and they said "try again next year", but I never got round to it. At the moment I'm a graduate member - I need 70 points to be eligible to apply to be an Associate Member, or 100 points to be eligible for full Member. My degree's worth 50 points, plus 10 points for each year of experience (about 7 now), so I shouldn't have too much trouble there. Since my MSc application is on hold until I get the transcript through, I may as well apply for the BCS upgrade while I'm waiting - that may then help with the application.

shuri came over yesterday to watch the Grand Prix with Lorna, so it was good to see her again. Mind you, she does have a knack for drawing attention to my age (hence the topic)! To put this in context, she's a fresher, so I guess that makes her 18/19, whereas I'm currently 27. When I mentioned this on IRC a while back, she cried "Daddy!", which led to some hurried calculations here - I was relieved to find out that it's not *quite* possible :) Then yesterday she suggested that I should be the parental figure in the flat here...

Thinking of my Durham posse, there's actually quite a variation in ages, although we were all in the same year. Andrew is a (academic) year younger than me, since he's one of these child prodigy types who skipped a year in school. William is almost two years older than me, since his birthday's at the opposite end of the academic year (October vs July), and he did a gap year between school and university. However, I think of us all as being the same age, since we all went through university at the same time - all joined together and graduated together.

More generally, I tend to think in terms of milestones rather than physical ages. Certainly from a university point of view, I've pretty much been in a holding pattern since graduation, so if I get onto the MSc course in October then I'll basically be picking up where I left off. Admittedly, you can only stretch this theory so far - I am aware of an age gap when I'm in the A-level class at school! Still, I think it more or less works. Also, I think that age differences become less significant as you get older; 15->20 is a much bigger gap than 25->30.

And coincidentally, as I type this, I hear the song lyrics "Act your shoe size not your age" :)

Hmm, time to renew my LiveJournal paid membership I think, now that my replacement card has arrived...


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Date:June 11th, 2002 02:00 am (UTC)


And the point of joining the BCS is what exactly? After ten years in the industry I still don't know what benefits it would give me if I were a member.
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Date:June 11th, 2002 12:13 pm (UTC)

Re: BCS Why

Well, I've been a student/graduate member since I was an undergrad, but I've never really gained any benefit from it. The main reason I signed up back then was that we had a guest lecturer from the BCS on our "Business and Professionalism" course, who said "If you come along when you're 30, and want to join, we'll ask you where you've been for the last 10 years".

In the long term, I think there could be benefits to belonging to a professional body (I'm also a full member of the IAP). However, they need to raise their profiles quite a bit first...

In the short term, I'm basically looking for anything that might help out my MSc application. There's a section at the bottom of page 2 that asks about professional membership, so I guess that Kings might like the BCS stuff; hopefully someone does!
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