John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Brief news from today...

First up, I've now booked an MSc project - I'll be doing "Ecological Artificial Life", i.e. modelling existing species rather than evolving my own biomorphs. I think this gives me a more precise idea of what to aim for, which should be useful. The supervisor said that I'm welcome to do bees rather than ants if I want to, and that I can use whichever language I like (so I'll probably do it in VB.NET). So, that's all promising.

This evening it was our office Christmas party. I wasn't entirely enthusiastic about this (mainly since it meant that I couldn't go to see "Return of the King" on opening night), but it was actually a lot of fun. Now I just need to drink plenty of water, since the combination of alcohol and lots of talking has left my mouth rather dry... I'm planning to go climbing tomorrow evening, so I think I'll try to have a LotR trilogy marathon on Saturday (a combination of DVDs and cinema).

The slightly less happy news is that apparently the cat's former owner's daughter came round earlier today, and has asked for the cat back. I'll call her tomorrow, to see what we can sort out. I'd be sorry to see the cat go, but ultimately I think I need to consider what's best for her, rather than what's best for me, since I'm out so much nowadays.
Tags: bees, cat, christmas, films, pmsi, postgrad

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