John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Eye of the storm

Well, had my Astrophysics exam this morning, which went pretty well. I'm sure I lost a couple of marks along the way, but it should be worth an A grade. Now I just need to revise for the two on Thursday morning (Fields and Forces, Waves and our Universe)... One weird thing - the exam today (which took up two classes) was worth 10% of the overall mark. The Fields/Forces exam on Thursday (which took up the whole of last term) is worth 7.5% of the overall mark. Ah well...

Meanwhile, having looked at the BCS forms in more detail, I've decided to leave that until after Thursday, when I have more time. Sample quote from the "Training and Experience" section:

"List responsibility in the job, personal achievements whilst being there and skills acquired. We would not expect this section to exceed the two pages allowed, so please be succinct."

Right you are - succinct should not be a problem...
Tags: exams, physics
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