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XML survey

Quick question (separated from the epic length of my last entry): if anyone has a spare couple of minutes, could you try accessing these two pages:

They both validate as XHTML 1.1, but I can't view them in IE6 on my PC. I get "Parameter entity must be defined before it is used" for test2.xml, and "The system cannot locate the object specified" for parallel.xml. In Mozilla Firebird 0.7, I can view them both, although I don't see the SVG images in parallel.xml.

If I try to view:
directly, that works fine in IE6, but Firebird just prompts me to open it in IE. (There's a list of SVG viewers here, if you don't already have one installed.)

Anyway, I'm not sure whether this is a problem for everyone with IE6, or only people who also have Visual Studio .NET installed. So, if you can view the XML files in IE6, please let me know. Or if you have a different browser that can handle the XML and the SVG, please tell me which one it is. Ta muchly.

Edit: I get the same errors from two IE6 machines. Only one has .NET installed, but both have the .NET framework (v1.1). I can view the pages in Firebird 0.7, Mozilla 1.5, and Netscape 7.1, but can't view SVG in any of them. I can view the pages and the images in Amaya 8.2. In Opera 7.23, I can view the pages (although there's loads of blank space at the bottom of parallel.xml for no apparent reason), but not the SVG images.

I think I'm ahead of my time here... Maybe I should just stick to pdf files?
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