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The heat is (boom boom boom boom) off....

Well, it's been a rather frantic couple of days since my last entry. I wound up taking yesterday (Wednesday) off work to do extra revision, which was definitely a good move. I even turned down an offer to watch Farscape with the others last night, in favour of capacitors... Mind you, there were also a couple of times when my mind wandered, and I found myself staring at the ceiling. Also, when I read about a monometer I kept putting that to muppet music ("Monometer! Doo doo, duh doo doo..."). Ah well.

I have also put my diet/rationing (one can of Coke limit per day) on hold until after the exams. When I'm running on 5 hours of sleep a night, I need caffeine! E.g. last night I finished revision at about 02:30 - I hadn't actually finished all of it, but I couldn't keep my eyes open any more. I then woke up at 07:30, to get up for the exam. When the radio (alarm clock) came on, the DJ was saying "Good morning to you all. Now, do you feel tired? Maybe you didn't get much sleep last night?" Yup, sounds about right. "Well, I was reading a Feng Shui thing that says you should point your bed to the east to sleep better." Hmm. Well, that's one theory I suppose...

So, then had my big exam double today, and got through more or less intact :) The first one (Waves and Our Universe) was pretty hard - that's the first time so far that they've said "Stop writing" while I was in the middle of an answer. Still, that was the last part of the last question, so it's not too bad - only cost me about 1 mark. When we were doing the traditional post-mortem afterwards, everyone else found that paper hard too, and lots of the others left gaps in the middle; at least I got an answer down for everything. So, on the basis that they grade on the curve, i.e. the top 20% or whatever get As regardless of score, I should do ok. The second exam (Fields and Forces) was pretty easy, although I did waffle a bit about Faraday's law (induction etc).

One odd thing was that we did the exam in the gym, and they had about 15 lines of desks, but we were all squashed into 3 adjacent rows - snug! Ah well. A slightly more serious problem was that my calculator is definitely dying. To be fair, I've had it a long time - at least since I did my A levels at CH (1990), and maybe even since my GCSEs. The battery ran out a while back, but the solar cell works ok. I did buy a new calculator a few months ago, but I haven't had a chance to wade through the instructions yet, so I didn't take it with me (stoopid move). So, there I was in the exam today, and I noticed that the numbers weren't being displayed properly - not all the bars were illuminated. "Hmm, is that a 7? Looks like a 3. Or maybe a 0." If I pushed the display down, it would light up extra bars, but I'm not sure whether they were the right bars. I've been re-reading some Quantum Leap novels recently, and I was just thinking the other day that it would be pretty cool to have a gadget like Al's handlink to Ziggy, where you have to whack it to get the right information out. On due reflection, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Ah well, c'est la vie. I'll retire it now, and get the new one sorted out for my exam next Friday (Synthesis). Although that's the biggest solo exam (20% of total), it shouldn't be too bad - it's putting everything together from the other topics, so I've already done most of the revision for it.

So, since I can ease off a bit now, I went off to the ICSF barnight tonight (just got back about an hour ago). That was fun, and it got me out of the flat for a while (not that there's anything wrong with the flat, just that it's nice to have a change of scene every so often). Mind you, since I've got work in the morning, I stuck to soft drinks. I suspect that next Friday evening will be a drinking session...
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