John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Quick follow-up to last night's post:

Got the surveyor's report through this morning. Basically, he said that the flat is worth the asking price, but there are a few things that I need to get sorted out before I exchange contracts (e.g. the vendor needs to fix the leak under the kitchen sink, rather than leaving an overflowing bucket there), and I'll need to make some alterations once I've moved in. That's fine by me - I was already planning to make some of the changes he's recommended, and any money spent on that should add to the value of the flat, so I'll get it back later.

rjw1 recommended that I should talk to my credit card company about recovering the money from Overclockers, which is a good plan. I phoned them today, and they said that I need to put the details in writing, so I'll send them a letter later.

Thanks to elvum for tweaking the colours on my user pic, so that I don't "look dead" :)

And my book recommendation of the day is "The 3 Geeks: When the hammer falls!" (a TPB). So good that I missed my stop on the Northern Line, and didn't notice until I heard the announcer saying "This is Kennington - all change."
Tags: comics, flat hunting

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