John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Fool of a Kirk!

Last week, the UPS attached to my server was making unhappy bleeping noises, so I decided that it was time to replace the battery. I was hoping it would last until after I moved, but 'twas not to be. Anyway, the replacement battery arrived at work today, so I carted that home. When I came to actually install it, I discovered a minor problem.

Spot the difference:
UPS batteries
(the one at the back should replace the one at the front)


Oh well, I have now ordered the right battery (I hope!), and that should arrive later in the week. On the plus side, I'm sure it's good exercise for me to be carrying blocks of lead across London. The upshot of all this is that my server is basically out of action for the time being, so I can't access my archive of files/emails. I can send/receive new emails fine, but if you emailed me before last Friday, and I haven't replied, then I won't be able to until this weekend.
Tags: computers

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