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Job history

I generally avoid the "memes" that go around (i.e. doing the same quiz that everyone else I know is doing, then posting the results here), but this one interested me.

According to the BBC, people who start work in 20 years time will change jobs up to 19 times in their lifetime. Depending on which temp jobs you count, I've had up to 16 jobs so far (9 of which have been "proper jobs"). So, I should be due for retirement soon :)

1999-2002, 2003-present: Computer programmer (PMSI)
1998-1999: Computer programmer (Alpha Telecom)
1996-1998: Computer programmer (Corporation of London)
1996: WP operator (LUL)
1995: Computer programmer (ComTecH)
1995: Demonstrator (science week)
1994-1995: Computer programmer (McVickers)
1994: Gopher (HE fair)
1994: Fundraiser (alumni)
1993-1995: Barman
1993: Paper round
1993: Evil pyramid scheme (Arrow Data Services)
1993: Convention assistant (AUA)
1992: Postman (Christmas post)
1991: Paper round
1990: Remittances clerk (BCCI)

And speaking of jobs, I had a call from a very keen agent earlier (he left messages on my mobile yesterday and today), trying to headhunt me for a new company. I said no, but what amused me was that I had another call a couple of weeks ago for the same job! I'm not sure whether that's the same agent with disorganised records, or whether my CV just ranks very highly on Google, but it's nice to be in demand :)
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