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Flat stuff seems to be going according to plan - I got the results of the electrical test on Tuesday, and everything is satisfactory there. Assuming that I do actually buy this place, one issue is gas. Basically, there's a pipe that runs through the flat (from the ground floor to the top floor), but it's not being used for heating etc. So, I have the option of replacing the immersion heater with a gas boiler, installing radiators, etc. I could delay this decision until later, but I think it will be easier to get it sorted out before I move in (if they need to pull up floorboards to lay pipes). Also, I'll need to buy an oven, and so this would affect my choice of which one to get.

From comments I've heard in the best, gas is generally considered a good thing, since it's cheaper than electricity, and you don't have to wait ages for water/hob to warm up. The downside is that due to my anosmia, I wouldn't smell anything in the event of a leak. I would of course install gas detectors, along with smoke alarms. However, I can imagine a situation where there's a leak in the morning after I leave for work, and the alarm bleeps all day, but then the battery runs out before I get home in the evening. I come in, turn on a light - BOOM!

So, poll-time!

Should I install gas at my new flat?

Yes - gas is the best energy source known to man!
No - you'll be dead within a week...

If I do install gas, what is the best type of oven?

Gas only
Electric only
Gas/electric combination
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