John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Things that make you say "Dude!"

(...with varying tones of voice - very useful multi-purpose word)

1. Our visitor at work. Basically, one of the developers from our Australian company is coming over to work with us in our London office for a couple of weeks. So, he arrives on Saturday morning.

The original plan was that after a 13/14 hour flight from Oz, he (with his wife) would have to make his own way through the middle of London (changing tubes at Leicester Square) in the middle of the day, carrying all his luggage. Someone would then meet him at the station in north London, give him the keys to his flat, and leave him to find it with a printout of a Streetmap webpage. This seemed rather harsh to me - not really the best welcome to the country.

So, plan B. I will go down to Heathrow to meet him at the airport. To aid me in this, I will cunningly fashion a sign out of a pizza box, just like you see in films. I'll then take him on the Piccadilly line to Leicester Square, and put him on the right branch of the Northern line. I'll hop off at Tottenham Court Road to do my weekly comics run, then one of my colleagues will meet him at Archway (near our office) with a car. That way, he can see where we work, and get a lift to his flat.

It's a bit annoying to be doing work stuff at the weekend, but I can't really complain since I'm volunteering for this.

2. A quote from Dawkins ("The Blind Watchmaker"), regarding sexual selection and the tail length of certain birds. (The basic idea being that females are attracted to males with long tails.) "If it is true that the actual tail length of males is a compromise between a utilitarian optimum on the one hand, and what females really want on the other, it should be possible to make a male super-attractive by giving him an extra long tail. This is where the superglue came in."

In other news, no word from my solicitor about the flat stuff - it's now dragging out a bit longer than I'd originally hoped...
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