John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Quick follow-up to my last entry: I had an email back from London Underground saying that I did the right thing, and that I should feel free to use the emergency cord if it happens again in the future.

Meanwhile, the flat is coming along, aside from an accidental hole in a window. I'm determined to move in by the end of June, so hopefully everything will get sorted out by then.

And I'm also making progress on my project. I've now got to the state where I can display this:
From top to bottom, that's a drone, queen, and worker. If you view the full size image, they are drawn on a scale of 3 pixels per mm, with the thorax, abdomen etc. based on photos of real bees (although not every real bee is exactly the same size). Similarly, the area they're on is a real size for a frame (8.5" x 14") in a typical hive. I haven't got the proper size for the cells, though. Anyway, this obviously needs work, but just by having a program that does something I'm already ahead of last year, so that bodes well. There's a question of how much detail the graphics need - my supervisor said that I could just do different coloured circles for the bee castes, but I think there's a psychological advantage to having things that vaguely resemble bees. Partly for my benefit (since I'll spend a lot of time looking at it), and partly to make a good first impression when I come to demonstrate it later. I'm not doing things in quite the same order that I originally planned to, but as long as they get done it doesn't really matter. And I should have something to put in my progress report (due at the start of July), which is good.
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