John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Some progress on the flat - I've now arranged to move in on Friday 25th of June (less than 3 weeks away). I.e. I've booked time off work, and arranged for a removals van to turn up that day. It's a bit nerve-wracking, partly because it's so close; although I actually got the keys to the new flat at the end of March, it feels a bit sudden to be moving out of here. More to the point, the flat is currently in no fit state to be lived in, but I'm assured that all the building work will be finished by then. It makes sense to do it this way, rather than waiting until the work is finished and then either saying "I'll move in tomorrow" or waiting a few weeks with the flat sitting empty when it's in perfectly good shape. But it's still a bit scary.

Some people have expressed concern that this is quite close to the date that my project report is due in. However, that's not really a problem, since it's just a 1-page progress report to let my supervisor know that I've been doing something rather than skiving off.

I've spent today sorting things out. That's partly clearing through the stacks of post that have built up (I have a tendency to just throw new stuff on the top of the pile if I'm in a hurry, and think "I'll read it later"), and partly notifying various people about change of address. That second part is made easier by experience - for the last few years I've been keeping track of everyone who needs to be informed each time I move, so I just have to work my way down a list of companies. And it's certainly getting easier as more companies set up "change of address" pages on their websites rather than me having to phone/write to them. Mind you, there are still a couple of glitches. The Odeon win the wooden spoon here - they have a "select your nearest Odeon cinema" box as a mandatory field in the form. My attitude is that since I've given them my postcode, they should be telling me where the nearest cinema is, if they want me to go there! I picked Wimbledon, since it's vaguely in the general area.

This does mean I've neglected my project a bit today. However, there was an interesting development at work on Thursday. I went to a meeting about using agent based modelling in our consultancy work, which has a lot in common with my project (since I'm modelling each bee individually). I've now been assigned to investigate this in more detail, e.g. to check on what existing software could be customised for our needs, which means that I'm almost studying in work time. Which is nice :)

Final thing - I have a portable TV that I don't need. I haven't used it in the last few years, and probably won't use it in the next few years either, so I don't want it cluttering up my new flat. Free to a good home if anyone else wants to claim it. It's 15", with teletext, and possibly a SCART socket. It's currently in an inaccessible cupboard, so I can't quote model number, but I'll find out more when I move out. I also have a 2-way signal booster (for a "normal" aerial). Give me a yell if you're interested...
Tags: bees, decluttering, decorating, moving house, postgrad

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