John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

I did the ECDL modules this morning, down in Clapham. Although I was confident, I did get the usual pre-exam nerves, which is probably a good thing to keep my brain active. In fact, it turned out that they were remarkably easy. I won't get the results back for a week or so, so it's possible that I've failed dismally, but I think it's unlikely. They allocated 45 minutes per module (7 modules altogether), and I only took 10-15 minutes on each one, which seemed to surprise the staff there. Also, my frustrations with the training software didn't apply here, since I was using the real software rather than an emulator, and they didn't care which method I used to get the results. For instance, they'd say "insert page numbers into this document", and then I'd save the document to a floppy disk afterwards, so they just inspected the results.

In other news, I've updated the photos of my flat, to show the progress with the building work so far. The thing I'm happiest with so far is the fireplace:
According to the builder it should all be finished in two weeks, so I'm still on course to move in on 12th July.
Tags: builders, computers, ecdl, exams, fireplace, moving house

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