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I went off to watch "Shrek 2" earlier, which I enjoyed, so I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first film. My rule of thumb for good comedy is "does it make me laugh?" Early on, there was a lot of stuff that was clever, and that made me smile, but it wasn't raucously funny. But by the end I was laughing out loud, so that's good. I also thought that the ending was quite moving. And the animation was very well-done: if I didn't know better, I would have thought that the opening sequence (on horseback) was live-action.

Moving into spoilers, there were various references to other films. (It's a bit like one of the earlier Discworld novels in that respect.) Here are the ones I spotted - have I missed any?
Lord of the Rings (wedding ring)
The Little Mermaid/From Here to Eternity (kissing in the surf)
Spider-Man (upside down kiss)
Beauty and the Beast (rose, minions affected by potion flood)
Mission Impossible (Pinocchio)
Ghostbusters (giant gingerbread man)
(I'm not including "generic Disney-like scene" in this list.)

People who like the Shrek films should also watch the trailer for "Ella Enchanted", which looks quite fun. Although it's got a bizzare release schedule - USA in April, UK in December?! "In cinemas everywhere" my arse... Ah well.

Speaking of trailers, I saw the trailer for "Thunderbirds" at the cinema. They've certainly made a few changes from the old TV series, and I can see why that would disappoint people. However, while I'd prefer to see an all-adult version of the film, I'll settle for this one - the ships look great, and it seems like it should be fun. For anyone who's seen Angel season 4, I think that whether you like this film will depend on whether you thought that Conner saying "His name is Angel!" was a great line or just really cheesy.
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