John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

The big 3-0

Well, today I turned 30. Despite my concerns over the last few weeks ("why haven't I achieved more by now?!"), it's actually been a very good day. I got into work at a reasonable time (9:45), which meant that I was able to get away at a sensible time in the evening, and then went out for dinner with some Durham friends, which was fun.

On the project front, my first progress report is due in tomorrow. I sent it to my supervisor last night, and he replied today saying "I have no issues with its length or content. [...] Keep up the good work!" So that certainly bodes well, and I'm definitely doing better than I was this time last year. For one thing, I actually have a program that does something. So, I'll drop that off in college tomorrow.

And speaking of computers, I had an email saying that I've passed the 6 practical ECDL modules; they're still waiting to get the results of the theory module, which is marked externally. So hopefully I can get my "passport" stamped soon.

Not much to report on the flat, as I haven't been down since the weekend. But I'll go there tomorrow to check on progress. I also need to pick up my post, since it's all being redirected there now (on the basis that I was intending to have moved in by now). So with luck I will have a new set of photos to upload tomorrow evening.
Tags: bees, birthday, computers, ecdl, exams, postgrad

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