John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Flat update

Hmm, mixed results on the flat front. On the downside, nothing has actually changed since the Tuesday before last (22nd June). On the upside, I have now got one of the quotes I was waiting for (for the flooring), and agreed it. According to the builder, everything will be finished by this coming Friday (9th) - that includes rewiring, plastering the walls, sanding/replacing/treating floorboards, sorting out the plumbing for the WC/shower, tiling the floor of WC/kitchen, and installing the new kitchen appliances/cupboards. In the case of the plastering, tiling, and kitchen, I'm still waiting for quotes.

I admire his optimism, but I am starting to get a bit sceptical about whether all this will actually get done in time. If it doesn't, then it's going to be tricky for me to move in on Monday 12th. I could delay the move if necessary, but that will mean re-scheduling the removals van and changing my holiday days at work, so I'd prefer not to if I don't have to. And I'd certainly like to move in sooner rather than later; for one thing, taking a detour down there after work cuts 2 hours out of my evening, so this is all quite a time sink. On the other hand, if it's not going to finish in time, then I'd rather give the relevant people as much warning as possible.

I was going to get the builders to paint the walls after the plastering, but my new plan is that I'll do that myself. That would probably be easier if I haven't moved my stuff in, which gives another incentive to wait. Alternately, I could leave the painting until later (to make sure that all the plaster has thoroughly dried), and shift my stuff between rooms as needed.


With luck I'll hear from the builder tomorrow with the quotes that I'm after. In any case, I'll go down to Croydon in the evening to pick up post and check on progress, then I'll phone him on Tuesday if nothing has changed, and make a decision about my moving date at that point. If necessary, I may just tell the builder to finish the work we've agreed to, and then look elsewhere for someone to do the rest of it.

On a lighter note, Seraphim's Live Journal Theater puts my whining into perspective :)
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