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Just phoned my builder for a progress update, which seemed to surprise him. "You phoned me on Friday, didn't you? Well, nothing's changed since then." Silly of me to think otherwise, evidently...

New plan is that the electrician will be coming tomorrow. The flooring will be done after the plastering, but the date for that won't be arranged until I get a quote. And still no word on the quote for the kitchen. Bearing all this in mind, I asked him whether he was still confident about finishing on Friday.
Him: "Oh yes"
Me: "I've booked a van for next Monday, are you quite sure about this?"
Him: "Oh yes"
Me: "So, it will be the wiring, plastering, flooring, plumbing, and new kitchen, all in the next 4 days?"
Him: "Well, realistically I'd say end of next week - can you rearrange your move?"

Gah. I'm starting to wonder whether my "wait until everything's finished, and then move in" plan is turning out to be more hassle than it's worth - the alternative is that I move in next Monday anyway, and basically camp out in the bombsite until it's finished.

So, poll time:

Poll #316693 Moving date

Should I delay my moving in date?

Yes, re-arrange it for a week later
Yes, but just cancel van/holiday, and wait until work is finished before picking new date
No, just move in anyway

When do you predict that I'll actually move in?

Next week (12th->16th July)
The week after that (19th->23rd July)
Tags: builders, moving house, poll

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