John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking through my options on the flat. My basic plan at this point is that I've cancelled the van for next Monday, and I'll talk to my flatmates etc. at the weekend to see when's best to re-book it. In the meantime, I've told the builder to focus on getting the electricity and water sorted out by Friday. I will then pay him for the work he's done so far, and call him back on Monday to let him know whether I want anything else done, or whether that should wait.

He's now got a quote for the plastering (£2200, which seems a bit steep), but the guy can't start until Monday. It will take him about 3 days to do that, then the flooring can't happen until after that. So I think it would be iffy to rely on everything being finished by the end of next week. I've got the whole week booked off work, and I won't change that; if I don't move, I can use the time for my project.

Realistically, I think that I'll move in next Wednesday (it will probably take a couple of days to re-book a van), then unpack all my stuff and live with scruffy walls/floors for the next couple of months. Once the project's over (report due on 3rd September, presentation on 8th September), I'll have a bit more spare time to sort things out. Also, if I delay things until then, it gives me the option of phoning round to gather some more quotes for the work that needs doing. The downside is that it will be harder to do the work once my stuff's moved in, so I'll either need to stick it in storage or shuffle it between rooms. As for the kitchen, I've already bought the appliances, so I can arrange for them to be delivered. They should be more-or-less operational even if they aren't properly fitted.

Anyway, this gives the builder an incentive to work hard over the next few days actually finishing off what he's already started, and I can re-assess the situation at the end of the week.
Tags: builders, decorating, moving house, postgrad

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