John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
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Well, another mixture of good news and bad news on the flat front, but at least my plans are getting less nebulous...

I left the house yesterday morning to get down to Croydon for a meeting with Matt (builder) and the electrician. I got as far as the station, then had a call saying that the electrician's kid is sick, so he couldn't make it. Matt hasn't finished his schedule yet, so he'll contact me on Monday with that, and I'll meet the electrician on Monday evening down at the flat.

Last night non_trivial came round for dinner, and we all discussed the arrangements for him taking over my room here. The upshot is that I'll continue paying the rent until 27th August, then he can move in after that (presumably the weekend of 28th/29th). However, I'll need to move out a bit before that, so that I've got time to clean up and get the landlord to do an inspection.

I tried to call Matt this morning, but his phone was turned off, so I sent him a text message instead. I told him that I've arranged to stay on here until the end of July (which is technically true), so that gives him 3 weeks to get everything finished. This is partly because I'd like to move in sooner rather than later, and partly because it gives me some margin for error in case the builders don't make the deadline. In that case, I may go elsewhere to get the job finished, depending on how close they are. More generally, once I get the schedule tomorrow, I will make sure that they stick to it, i.e. if there's another week when nothing happens then I can fire them.

I've arranged for my kitchen appliances to be delivered on Tuesday afternoon (aside from the washing machine which isn't in stock yet), so at least I'll have them available even if the kitchen doesn't get sorted out properly. But I'll be in the office Monday/Wednesday/Thursday, to conserve my holiday days for when I do actually move.
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