John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Let the good times roll...

Had a fairly productive day so far. Paid the rent, and done some shopping (including a comics run), so I'm reading through my weekly haul at the moment. Looks like Death will be appearing in Lucifer soon, which is pretty cool.

Amelia (Simon's girlfriend) is away at the moment, so we've been watching a Dr Who DVD ("Tomb of the Cybermen"), which was fun. A real Lads' Afternoon, or something like that :) I see sulkyblue has acquired some new videos, so I guess we'll be watching them at some point, which will be good, particularly "The Dish" which I haven't seen yet.

I also picked up the Spider-Man film novelisation earlier, which poses me with the dilemma of whether to read it before I see the film. On the "yes" side, it looks like a good film, I like the character (I have >1000 Spidey comics), Peter David is one of my favourite writers, and the film isn't out for another two months. On the "no" side, I might enjoy the film more if I don't read the book first. Hmm.
Tags: comics, dr who, films, flatmates, tv

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