John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
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Well, today has been quite productive in some ways, although less so in others.

On the down side, I haven't got a great deal of revision done. I didn't get home from work until 11pm, which tends to reduce my enthusiasm for hitting the books right away, although admittedly I didn't leave the flat until 10:30 this morning, so it's my own fault. Still, I've only got about 1 page left of the book I'm reading, so I'll get that finished before I go to bed.

Brighter news - I bumped into Mandy on my way home this evening. Well, actually she recognised me, while I was in the process of walking past, completely oblivious to her :) For those who don't know, she's one of my oldest friends (from my Durham days), so it was really good to see her again. She mentioned that she'd glanced at this journal recently, so hi again if you're reading this!

Following up on my ponderings from yesterday re: computer equipment, I got some advice from Lorna. Specifically, along the lines of "john are you nuts?" and "then don't be stupid" :) When I was talking to my Durham friends at the Jubilee party a few weeks ago, Stephen suggested that I ought to consult a friend as a financial adviser before spending large amounts of money foolishly, so I'm sure they'll be glad to hear that there's someone sensible round here...

The upshot of this was that I've gone for an 80 Gb IDE hard drive. This is pretty similar to my old one in functionality, so it will slot in quite nicely as a replacement, with minimal changes required to my configuration. Since my old tape drive now works on my workstation, I'll buy a licence for the software I'm using there, and do backups that way. It's inconvenient, but cost-effective. I may also invest in a CD-burner, since they're relatively cheap atm. With luck, the new drive will arrive on Friday, so I can install it at the weekend.

So, thanks to Lorna (seriously) - your comments are valued. Thanks also to karne for his advice about the different drives, although less thanks for getting popcorn while Lorna was advising me :)
Tags: computers, exams, physics

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