John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Quick round-up on the last week...

When I went into work on Monday, I apologised to my colleague for losing my temper with him last week, and he accepted my apology. Things were a bit tense for a while after that, but they got back to normal by the end of the day.

Progress is going well on the flat - the plastering is almost finished, the shower tray is installed, the old loo has been removed and the plumbing has been sorted out for that room, and the floor tiles have gone down in the WC/kitchen. The second fix wiring should happen tomorrow (Monday), so I'll then have "real" wall sockets. There's still stuff left to do, but I think it's on course to get finished by the end of the week.

In the morning I'll phone around to sort out a moving van for next week, and book time off work - I'll hopefully be moving next Monday/Tuesday. I've spent some time today packing - 16 boxes later, my (American) comics have all been shifted down to the ground floor.

Today (Sunday) I went off to a christening. Well, sort of - it took me 30 minutes to get from here to coming off the M25 in Buckinghamshire, but then another hour and a half to find the relevant church, by which time the service had finished. Oops. Anyway, I hung around for the reception afterwards, and had a chance to catch up with some of my Durham friends.

Project isn't going quite so well, but I'll try to get the basic objectives finished before I hand in the progress report at the end of this week, and then I can spend some time improving it after I've moved.
Tags: builders, moving house, pmsi, postgrad, temper

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