John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

I spent today working off-site again, which involved lugging a PC home from work last night on the tube, then into the other office this morning. I've sorted out some issues on their network, so they're all happy. I also tidied up a complete rats nest of cables underneath one desk, reclaiming various unnecessary items in the process (a kettle lead and USB cable that weren't plugged into anything, and a 4-way power adapter and extension lead that became surplus to requirements). The most bizarre thing was a printer extension cable with gender adapters on both ends. So, someone had looked at it and said "Hmm, I've got pins where I need holes, and holes where I need pins - the best solution is to stick two extra links in the chain!" I took the simpler approach of just swapping the ends around...

There have been a couple of hiccups with the flat.

It's now been 5 weeks since British Gas promised me that I'd get an installation date within 3 weeks, i.e. they're two weeks overdue. I've had a provisional date of 28th August, but that is very provisional. I phoned yesterday to chase people, but they wouldn't give me any upper limit on when it's guaranteed to be done by. "So, I could still be waiting this time next year?" "Oh, it shouldn't take that long." "But you won't guarantee that?" "Well, no." It amazes me that they can run a business this way. It's obviously bad for me, since I don't get any hot water or central heating (that fireplace is starting to seem like a pretty wise investment after all!), but it must also be bad for them, since they won't get any monthly income from me until the gas gets connected.

On the building side, things were going pretty well up until last Friday. However, nothing then happened on Saturday/Sunday/Monday, despite the plans. After phoning round today, I've found out why - the plasterer was in prison on Saturday (held overnight by the police). Then he was in court yesterday (a different offence). Well, naturally. That's presumably why the electrician didn't do anything yesterday, since the walls weren't finished. Someone suggested at the weekend that I could cut back on the daily visits, and trust the builders to take care of it (now that there's been a slight change in management). Sadly, it doesn't seem like that's going to work... Recapping my security, one set of keys for my flat has been left in a random person's car, and another set has been given to a criminal. Will I be changing my locks as soon as I move in? Hell yes...

You know, if the PhD thing doesn't work out, maybe I should turn my attentions to world domination - if you want something done right, do it yourself, and all that...

Anyway, despite these issues I've booked the removals van for next Tuesday (10th), and arranged time off work, so I'm definitely moving in that day, whatever happens.

In other news, I went to watch "Stepford Wives" at the cinema last night. It was ok, but nothing special, so I wouldn't really recommend it. If you know about the key plot from the first film (which I haven't actually seen), then it's not much of a spoiler, since it is revealed very quickly in this one. It was amusing, although it didn't pass my laughter test for comedy. It had some interesting points, but also had some huge plot holes. And it wasn't exactly subtle, which is either good or bad depending on your point of view.
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