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John C. Kirk

The project's going ok. I'm not going to have time to achieve everything I set out to do, but I think that the best approach is to have a well-written report that covers what I have done, and a simulation with limited functionality that does what it does well, rather than handing in a bunch of stuff that's incomplete (like last year).

On a less cerebral note, I've been keeping myself entertained with kids' TV/films over the last month or so.

I went off to see "Thunderbirds" at the cinema, which I enjoyed. It was fun, and the adult characters were handled fairly well - although they were sidelined, this was due to them being busy rather than incompetent. Admittedly, there were a few bits of expository dialogue that were very clunky ("My god, it's X, the trusty manservant of Jeff Wayne, the billionaire former astronaut whose wife died in a skiing accident three years ago!"). They reminded me of Sluggy, with its "recap in one breath" moments. Still, I'll forgive them a lot, just to see the machines in live-action, which I thought were very cool.

I also watched "The Little Mermaid" while I was doing some unpacking here - it's one of those classic films that I can just watch over and over again. One thing about that - my favourite "song" is the one without words - the "aa aa aa" one. It's not just a tune, since there is a vocal component to it, but I'm not sure whether it actually counts as a song. And even after multiple viewings, there are still a couple of scenes that always impress me. I find the first mermaid->human transformation quite moving, because of how Flounder and Sebastian act. They told Ariel not to go to the Sea Witch, because they thought it would turn out badly. She ignored their advice (insulting them in the process), and did it anyway. But when they saw that she was in trouble, they immediately went to help her, and there were no recriminations or "I told you so"s; she was their friend, and that was all that mattered. Then the second transformation was good in a different way - after Ursula's pyrotechnics, I thought that Triton's use of power was nicely understated. If you've got it, you don't have to flaunt it. If you're interested, you can also read my thoughts on Mulan and Beauty and the Beast.

And I've recently been watching "Kim Possible" on the Disney channel, which I think is great - it's very funny, and has plenty of geeky references. Thinking back to early seasons of "Buffy", Kim's sidekick (Ron Stoppable) reminds me of Xander. I'm actually quite tempted to get her pager beeps as a ringtone for my phone. Today's episode included monkeys and ninjas - throw in some pirates, and they've pretty much guaranteed the ICSF demographic!

Anyway, back to the bees... Although speaking of which, I think that "the birds and the bees" is a rather inaccurate metaphor for "The Talk" about where babies come from, unless you want your children to get some very odd ideas. "Yes son, when you have sex, you'll die, so don't be tempted to fool around with your girlfriend before you're married."
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