John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Project report

Getting closer to Friday's deadline... After taking last week off work, I was hoping to get a draft of my project report sent to my supervisor yesterday morning. However, I hadn't finished, so I swapped emails with him yesterday - I said that I'd try to send him something this morning, and he said that he'd try to get comments back to me within 24 hours of receiving it. I was up all night, but I'm still not finished, so I've taken today off work to try and get it sorted out. Go-go-gadget holiday days...

I think I'm getting old - I can't pull all-nighters as easily as I used to. 23 hours seems to be the hardest point for me, but I made it through; I had to lie down and close my eyes for a couple of minutes, but I stayed awake. I'm now getting a few unpleasant side effects (shivering, sweating, stomach cramps), but I'm at least feeling alert again. And if all goes according to plan then I can catch up on sleep tonight, while I'm waiting for my supervisor to send me his comments. Then make changes tomorrow as needed, print it out tomorrow evening, and get it bound/handed in on Friday. I'm not going to have time to gather as many results as I'd hoped, but I'll do that over the weekend, so that I can include some graphs in my presentation next Wednesday.

The end is in sight, one way or another...
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