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I seem to have a knack for finding companies that are hard to deal with...

When I had Sky installed here, I started out with their "every channel" package, since that was the cheapest method. I had to stick with that for a month, and then after that I could change it. So, I phoned up recently to get rid of the sports channels.

I went through the voice-mail system, and got to the "change your package" department. Someone answered the phone, but when I said that I wanted to remove channels, she had to transfer me. Seems like adding channels is easy, whereas you have to negotiate if you want to remove any. So, onto sales person 2.

Her: How can I help you?
Me: I'd like to change to [package X], i.e. get rid of all the sports channels.
Her: Oh, why's that?
Me: I'm not a sports fan, so I never watch them.
Her: Is there anyone else living there who likes sport?
Me: No, it's just me here.
Her: You know, we do have all the rugby and cricket, so are you sure?
Me: I have absolutely no interest in sport, whatsoever.
Her: Maybe we should just reduce it to one sports channel?
Me: No, I never ever ever watch sports!
Her: Well, we have to give the bank two weeks notice of billing changes, so your next payment will still be the same even if we change it now. Do you want to call back after that, to change your package?
Me: No, I'd like to change it now, because I'm definitely not going to watch those channels, whether they're available to me or not.
Her: Oh, ok. You'll get a credit for the rest of this billing period, which will be deducted from a future bill.

Maybe I wasn't making myself clear? As for that billing issue, it seems like she was actually trying to pull a fast one, by implying that I'd pay the same amount of money overall (rather than just in the short term). I was expecting to get a refund later, based on past experience, so I wasn't taken in by this, but it seems a bit iffy.

On a separate issue, I saw an advert for Sky a while back: "Do less, watch more!" While I admire their approach of truth in advertising, it is a bit of a scary thought. However, I've found that in a way, I actually watch less TV when I have more on offer. It's similar to the "digital camera paradox", where the key issue is availability. Ten years ago, if I saw that an old "Battlestar Galactica" episode was on TV, then I'd watch/record it even if I'd seen it before, because hey - it's sci-fi, there's not much of it around, and I may not get the chance to watch this episode again for ages. Whereas now I see that TNG and Voyager are on more or less a permanent repeat cycle on Sky, I might watch a random episode here and there, but I don't feel a sense of urgency.
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