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Clearing up loose ends

Well, today has actually been quite productive.

First up, I've filled out my application form for professional membership of the BCS, as per my entry a couple of weeks ago. It took me about 7 hours, on and off, but I got through it in the end. So, it's now written, photocopied, and sealed in the envelope with the cheque (admin fee, not bribe!), so all I need to do tomorrow is post it.

Meanwhile, I've watched a couple of episodes of Farscape. That's actually more sociable than it sounds - I've now caught up with the others (they watched those episodes while I was busy revising), so that means that when new episodes arrive, we'll be able to watch them together.

No sign of the transcript from Durham yet, so it's time to start chasing them again. The last time I emailed the secretary (university's central admin office), she said that the department were dragging their heels about providing her with a list of the courses I took, so she was going to prod them. I said that she should let me know if they didn't reply, as I could dig out my own list from here, but that never happened. However, it's now been two weeks, so I'm going to take the initiative. I've gone through all my old notes, and made a list of all the subjects from each year, so I'll email that to her tomorrow. I don't know whether she can then look up the marks in the central office, or whether the department keeps them too, but it can't do any harm. Now that the Physics is over, I want to get things moving on the MSc application.

I've also got a lot of sleep over the weekend (about 10 hours a night), but I'm feeling pretty shattered now, so bedtime I think. Ah well, I guess I'm paying my body back for all those 5 hour nights that I "borrowed"...
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