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A couple of recent film viewings:

* Hellboy - I didn't rush off to see this, because I thought it looked pretty stupid in the posters. I was aware that it was based on a comic, but it's not a comic I've ever read, so that wasn't much of an incentive. However, other people were enthusiastic, and I enjoyed it. I think it basically worked as a comedy rather than an action/adventure film, but that's ok, and I may pick up one of the comics as a result.

* Sky Captain - This was pretty nifty. I used to watch the old black and white serials like "King of the Rocket Men!" when I was a kid, so there's a definite nostalgia factor. At the same time, it wasn't as blatantly silly as the Captain Proton episode of Voyager (which I also enjoyed, but in a different way).

* Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - I recorded this a while back, and finally got round to watching it. I'm glad I did, just to "complete the set", but I wasn't very impressed by it; there were a few funny parts, and a good performance from Eliza Dushku, but I don't think it's as clever as it thinks it is. Mind you, I do recognise the irony in me criticising it on the internet.

I got the Aladdin DVD the other day, although I haven't watched it properly yet, just flicked through some of the extras. I was interested in the trailer for Mulan 2 - I'm generally sceptical about Disney sequels (particularly the "straight to video" ones), but this one actually looks quite good.

And I may go off to see "The Princess Diaries 2", just for Stan Lee's cameo...
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