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I had my graduation ceremony yesterday, which went well. So, here are the obligatory photos of me in a silly outfit:
Me with cape billowing in the windMe with my eyes actually open
Personally, I like the floppy hats that PhD people get to wear, so that's another reason to get one :) One thing that did impress me was the sign up outside the gown collection area, saying "Graduands only in the robing room" - very Hogwarts! (I think it's just the robe vs gown terminology that struck me as unusual.)

One slightly humbling thing from the ceremony was when they read out the thesis titles for everyone who was receiving a PhD, and I'd barely understand the words, e.g. "An analysis of the T172 variant of the RK45BC chromosome" (fictitious title). Still, I'm sure they're not all VB experts, so it balances out :) The other thing was when they read out the names of MSc graduates, and it would be "Jim, with merit" (applause), "Dave, with distinction" (applause), "John" (pause, then a realisation of "oh that's it", then applause). Ah well, can't complain, and that's fodder for a longer LJ entry at a future date.

Anyway, all in all, a good day.
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